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23 November 2010


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You guys are simply GORGEOUS!!!!

I adore your work. Keep it up xxx

leanne schwabe

wow - this is amazing you both so clever - perfection. PS> Photography is beautiful too :)


So perfect in every way!

jane hilton

omg...that is amazing...love the colours and textures...how do you make those fab pom poms!!! love it tammi!!

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet

Great colour scheme and I think those jars were a great find too.

Rowaida Flayhan

Amazing gorgeous table! love everything!

Helena G @ Occasion by Design

Hi Tammi and Bec, love your work...especially those lolly jars! I look forward to reading your future blogs!

zina zraikat

love the colours of this one...and those pom poms look great!!!


Absolutely gorgeous! Really, really nice work :)

Christine Sanchez

Gorgeous. Glad to see there is a way to do this for a guy. Are the pom poms made like tissue flowers?

Becky Pease

What a beautiful job ladies. And you know, the guys really do enjoy and appreciate it.


AMAZING .... I love the colours you have chosen, masculine without using just the usual Male Blue...

Dale (Australia)


My husband is turning 30 and Christmas is his favorite thing ever, so its going to be a Christmas themes party, it helps his birthday is November 29th, I'm gonna have it December 3rd. I wanted to make a similar table with all his favorite candy/deserts and then another with his favorite meals/dishes. I really like how you neatly set yours and the colors all flowed around the same palette. It's masculine and grown up but its fun and very classic at the same time. Love it!

Kelly Griglione

Just saw this on pinterest ... stunning color combo!!!


Where did you get the jars with bronze lids? I need those for my husband's party in a month!


Where did you get the jars with bronze lids? I need those for a party in 2 weeks!

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